• Welcome to the Complete Rider Confidence Club!

    This is the only complete online rider confidence club out there designed specifically with support at the heart of it, so you you overcome your fears and achieve what you want in your riding. With online materials, support from experts and other members and a programme for you to work through at your own pace, wherever you are and whatever you love to do with horses!

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  • Introduction to the videos

    FInd out about what video content you will get in Month 1 & 2 of the Club. These are the workshop videos that you get to watch and participate in by following along with the exercises.

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  • The Keys to Confidence Webinar - watch now

    Find out what makes a confident rider, how they handle situations, what are their key strategies for success and what you can do to become one! Jenni Winter is an experienced Confidence and Performance Coach who runs Flying Changes Coaching - a hugely successful coaching company that has helped countless people to overcome fears and perform at their very best - from Grass Roots to Grand Prix.

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